Direct Mail Postcards – High-Impact Advertising Tool for a Successful Business

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There’s a reason why direct mail postcards are used by most people. Probably this is the main reason, too, why proactive businesses and companies today are adopting postcard printing as a marketing tool to reach their customers in a much broader scope. While most large companies do well with high-powered media and marketing campaign, small business are comforted by the fact that they can play with the competition through practicality – the use of a high impact postcard marketing as a promotional tool.

It comes as no surprise then that some companies realized the effectiveness of direct mail postcards. For one, postcards are relatively cheaper than the customary print marketing like flyers, brochures and other allied promotional items. Aside from that, there is a lower possibility that the postcards would find their way to the basket bins unlike ordinary marketing letters placed in mailing envelopes. It is believed that people would more likely reject envelops than the postcards because they tend to be time-consuming especially for busy folks. Postcards however are more direct and expressive so that it would be virtually impossible for the reader to flip them out without taking time to read the up-front message.

Likewise, direct mail postcards, if professionally designed, are most effective in catching the attention of the customers. In fact, some of them, especially those customized by printing companies, could stir up a sense of urgency that most people fail to resist. Because of its efficiency in drawing in interest, they are perfectly valuable in generating leads, company calls or visits. Postcard teasers that express the importance of acting now, instead of postponing later, are some of the effective methods used to get customers to action. Creativity in the words or statements chosen will take your postcard marketing campaign to a higher level.

To make the most out of your direct mail postcards, comprehensive and straightforward statements are winning combinations. Depending on the type of advertising campaign you’re undertaking, it should reflect the aesthetic appeal of the postcards. Cards that provide compelling messages and urging the buyers to do the next action often result to high response rates. But everything has to be made on a more friendly tone as if you are writing for a friend and you are recommending a particular company or product that will provide the solution he or she is looking for. There is a lot to learn about how to scheme your postcards. But over time, and with persistence, ingenuity will just follow.

To take advantage of the value of direct mail postcards in your marketing efforts, make sure that the recipients are highly-targeted. For this purpose, you need to maintain an updated mailing list, with all the relevant client information, so that every postcard sent to the addressee is worth your time and effort. You can’t afford to receive a return-to-sender postcard mail just because your internal listing was updated a few years ago. A good listing of customer information is crucial in capitalizing the benefits of targeted postcard marketing.

To wrap things up, direct postcard advertising is an economical promotional device that any business could use to maximize their marketing strategies while gaining business success at the same time.


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Direct Mail Postcards – High-Impact Advertising Tool for a Successful Business

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This article was published on 2011/06/17